TapNice Studio

We want to bring you the best mobile experience by combining physics-based puzzles, simple controls, and extraordinary themes. TapNice aims to entertain you wherever you are. Fun is just a tap away.

Our games

Our flagship game, Slingshot Stunt Driver & Sports, merges simple slingshot gameplay mechanics with intricately designed levels that will challenge your skill. Upgrade your sling and your car and try to tackle physics-based obstacles and riddles.

Slingshot Stunt Driver & Sports has been downloaded over 20 million times already.

Make It Fly has been downloaded over 4 million times already.

Slingshot Stunt Biker has been downloaded over 1 million times already.

Slingshot Stunt Basketball has been downloaded over 500 thousand times already.

About Us

At TapNice we believe that mobile games are the best way to provide quick and satisfying fun, wherever you are. To deliver the smoothest experience, we always think about our gamers first, try to accommodate their needs, and then we do our best to overdeliver.

Every game is a journey, and what’s a better way to hit the road than in a car. But our games are not just simple car projects. We aim to entertain, so we marry the automobile themes with surprising controls and environments.

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